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::: Kommentar von Zainab am 01.12.2015 :::

Zack, to make this appear to be a seecrn (as opposed to a print), it should appear relatively brighter than the ambient objects, because it's a light source.Also, so this remains a physical space design Aren't you going to have some supplemental components that point to these stations in some way?Looking at the seecrns, I started wondering why you weren't meeting along with the touchscreen group. I'm not saying you should, but they are using Flash to be able to demonstrate the touchscreen interface, and the more yours is like a touchscreen, the more appropriate that line of action would be. I'm not being definitive in this, but we (you) need to be sure that your method here is appropriate. Don't freak out and expect you have to make things anew, but let's do discuss exactly how you will present this and be sure that (a) it's a good plan and (b) you're on target for it.??? ()

::: Kommentar von Barneyxcq am 18.02.2018 :::

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