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::: Kommentar von Bendelubyo am 01.12.2015 :::

Oh B,I was compelled to rospend to another wonderfully articulated criticism of yours, in which you so eloquently stated that women haven't a clue as to what their talking about, usually ever. I could then assume, with that rationale, you must be a woman indeed. But of course I disagree with your reason, and disregard your criticism on the basis of pure ignorance. You have already been criticized for your lazy attempt to argue without a legitimate understanding of the science you wish to employ, I am here to criticize your lazy attempt to discredit the author on the grounds of language usage. feminism |?fem??niz?m|nounthe advocacy of women's rights on the grounds of political, social, and economic equality to men Feminist activists have campaigned for women's rights?such as in contract, property, and voting ? while also promoting women's rights to bodily integrity and autonomy and reproductive rights. (excerpt from Oxford English Dictionary)This is in fact, about choices. You first mis-represented the author, as she did indeed use the word feminism not feminist and then proceeded to discredit her interpretation without adequate support. You see B, advocation for ones rights, is in essence advocation for ones ability to have choices or control over oneself and their condition of living. Your arguments both here and in other comment threads indicates a very modest comprehension of history, historical context, and frankly common sense. You are not a scientist, you are not visionary. You have done nothing but expose yourself to be in possession of too much time, with too LITTLE to offer, which may in many ways explain your frustration with the opposite sex.

::: Kommentar von Yelisa am 01.12.2015 :::

I am a neuroscientist stiyudng a system that involved processing in the amygdala and hypothalamus. First of all, we tend to advise against wanting to mate in the amygdala and hypothamalus. That's going to leave some pretty big holes in important places. But more importantly, you should be very careful when citing papers to properly interpret them. If you read that Nature Neuro paper carefully, the scientific and statistical merit of which I am not going to get into here, you would see that their conclusions are that their is more amygdalar activation in response to a set of stimuli in men and NOT that this overrides consciousness more in men, whatever that means. Your theory that activation in the amygdala and hypothalamus override conscious choices found in the cerebrum is a vast oversimplification of decision making circuitry, and frankly, not correct. The fight or flight response does exist (ie hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis) , but I don't understand in what context you are proposing its action.Overall, if you are trying to use neuroscience to justify some sort of neural basis of rape, you are using incorrect conclusions and a dangerously oversimplified understanding of how the brain works.

::: Kommentar von Yhang am 08.12.2015 :::

Sofie: hvor tre6ls, der var ellers mange da jeg var der inde. :( Men den kan vel fnides pe5 hjemmesiden hvis det endelig er. Nanna: le6kkert og tak for tippet :)Alona: Jeg er glad for at du le6ser med, og tak :)Ida: Det er pe5 min to-do liste, med en masse andre indle6g :) Hvis jeg skifter fra valle, te6nker jeg at skifte til hvede- eller hampprotein, men jeg er ikke kommet le6ngere med det endnu.

::: Kommentar von eifwstv am 12.04.2018 :::

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::: Kommentar von Guestvisse am 06.05.2018 :::

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